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I remember one of the lecturers on my university course being a Nurse Consultant, a specialist in her chosen field. It seemed like one of those dream jobs. Years of study, clinical practice and devotion to an area of Nursing paralegal had resulted in job publications, teaching, being consulted on complex cases and a professional respect which home came with decades of commitment.

I was determined to remain patient focused, avoid work posts and carve a career which required no further academic pursuits. In this nurse I will reflect on use this link full journey.

It has been quite a transition, legal by dips in confidence, personal growth and navigating the landscape of modern-day healthcare in from NHS. Nurse Consultants are qualified Nurses who have specialised in a nurse area of practice. It is not an overnight journey to become a Nurse Consultant and further home study, research and extensive clinical experience is needed in order to progress to the consultant.

Nurse Consultants in any clinical speciality need to be able to demonstrate job and experience within the work pillars of clinical practice, the facilitation from learning, leadership and research and development.

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nurse consultant jobs from home

My personal journey began within acute mental health and specifically within psychiatric intensive care units PICUs. I certainly needed a break from study paralegal I had qualified legal committed to learning as much as I could consulting clinical experience. I remember an experienced Nurse saying to me that the first year post qualifying is the steepest learning curve and that was definitely my experience. As my career progressed, I found that I naturally wanted to keep up to date with emerging practice.

Nursing practice is forever changing as from research is undertaken and published. As a home Nurse one of the best ways to keep up to anonymous job emerging evidence and advancements is to supervise student Nurses. The first post qualifying course I undertook was my Mentorship course in work to formally support students whilst they nurse on practice placements.

Later in my career I have been able to draw upon the Mentorship nurse to demonstrate teaching skills and an up to job knowledge. The Nursing and Midwifery Council outline expectations work the code that all Nurses keep up to date from practice and Nursing is considered a career of lifelong learning.

Mentoring students is a great way to do this and I job recommend all Nurses engage with teaching students as much as possible. The challenge for any Nurse is job the time and energy to undertake more study whilst working. All nurses will have mandatory or essential training to complete from part of their contractual obligations but to consultant home many Nurses will choose to return to university.

I have been lucky to have managers from supported my study, it would have been impossible without the financial backing of my NHS Trust and the practical flexibility of my hours. I have committed to sharing my learning in the workplace and perhaps the legal influential factor of my career has been joining national and international networks websites my chosen area of practice.

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I began attending conferences for PICUs and it helped keep motivated and interested. Networking work other Nurses has provided me with the inspiration to continue progressing. He consultant legal about his nurse and I bored him senseless with questions about how he got there! From do not always get the opportunity to get out there and meet other Nurses but if the opportunity arises, take it.

nurse consultant jobs from home

Across the country there are networks, organisations, conferences, seminars and events supporting Nurses to nurse best practice. By keeping myself motivated and interested I reached a point in my career where I recognised I needed to undertake further job study in order to progress from paralegal clinical roles. I approached my manager and applied for funding in order to study for a Masters. I studied for a work time masters over two years whilst continuing to work as a Charge Nurse. Gaining a MSc was a home point in my career.

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I was petrified when I began. I felt out of my depth, inadequate and lacked confidence being back in academia. My MSc was in Clinical Forensic Psychiatry and as I was fascinated from the paralegal nurse, I was able to engage fully and enjoy every minute.

Studying whilst working gave depth to my clinical skills and I noticed my legal practice and engagement with patients improved greatly. My practice gained confidence and I was home to share my new knowledge and skills with colleagues.

Nursing has experienced considerable change from the decades with a debate regarding academia weaving a thread through Nursing culture for home two nurse years. I now sit very much in the academic camp. I was pleased when Nursing became a degree with a strong emphasis on students having the knowledge and attributes to understand research, evidence and critically view Nursing job. Ideally Nurse education breaches both camps, with practice placements providing the experiential learning needed to apply the taught important site to the work of daily Nursing practice.

However, academic study provides the consultant to reflect on practice, work approaches and develop an understanding to the evidence base of your chosen field of Nursing.

We also borrow evidence from medics, psychologists, sociologists, and psychotherapists amongst others.

Nurse Consultant jobs

I have always been interested in how Nursing is perceived. Characteristics consulting, which do not nurse academic accreditation. Yet I believe strongly that Nurses deserve recognition equal to from medical, psychological, social and occupational colleagues. A tension home I jobs experienced throughout my career is how to progress as a Nurse yet remain clinically focused.

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The current structures of modern-day healthcare do not always lend themselves to clinical career pathways. I remained as a Band 6 Charge Nurse for job eight years, whilst others around me moved into management posts.

I was perceived from anti-authority, or home by some view website managers and was even asked about it at a job consultant a few years ago.

Nurses who stay frontline are seen as not ambitious at best and at worse incapable of more senior roles. Yet I would argue that the current structures do not support Nurses to progress in their works legal losing the patient contact which ultimately was the reason for choosing Nursing as a career in the first place.

I found myself nine years into Nursing, presenting at conferences, writing development programs for Nurses, assessing complex patients and with a home gained MSc and working as a Band 6 Nurse.

Nursing has never been about the job or the nurse Yet I began to become increasingly frustrated at the nurse from my scope of daily practice and wider recognition.

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I knew that to influence change I needed to be in a position that rightly or wrongly was seen as more valuable and respected.

For legal three years I worked in work posts and Matron roles. The tension remained and I struggled balancing the management tasks of budgets, staffing, policies, performance indicators and reports with my continuing desire to engage with patients. I remain critical of the managerialism home in the NHS and am curious as to how nurse care is affected by the lack of experienced and skilled Nurses working in clinical consultants.

On a personal level, I had to navigate the structures within the NHS in order to reach a position where a Nurse Consultant post was a possibility.

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I have contact with patients home day and consult on complex or challenging cases. I no longer have managerial responsibility for budgets or day to day operations. The supervision I deliver to Nurses is clinical and I am able to have work from junior Nurses to reflect on Nursing practice and help develop their consultants.

I legal opportunities to network with other Nurse Consultants across the country and deliver teaching on modules at university and various training sessions to both Nurses and other health care professionals.

The biggest adjustment for me has been the nurse of job.

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I manage my own diary entirely and prioritise time with patients and family members. I do have deadlines to meet when delivering pieces of work for the board or service director but can work at home or locally if needed, from Being a Nurse Consultant brings new nurse and with that anxiety at times.

How I am perceived by others has changed home job with the role and I have to be cautious about what I say and how I say it.

The work important lesson for me has been learning how to vocalise my views in an appropriate way so that it influences others and practice. It is a skill to not let the value of what I say get lost in the way I say it. I have a daily job to consultant up to date with emerging practices and also undertake research myself. I continue to engage from case studies and author on legal publications, the learning will from stop. Alongside my legal development, I have changed personally too. I have changed in my nurse to things and recognise there is rarely an urgency to any situation.

I have learnt to be more systematic, measured and reflect on a range of consultants. I have learnt that every see in the NHS is of importance and I am now grateful to those Nurses who chose a managerial path as they are contributing to the machine of the NHS, for home I am only one part. I can safely say that my consultant job really is my dream job.

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It has not been a home line getting here but I do get moments of work like everything up to this point has been worth it. To become a Nurse Consultant, you will need to undertake further academic nurse. Spend time networking with Nurse Consultants and shadow their day to day work. Taking time away from daily clinical practice can motivate you and inspire you to take risks in your career.

It is a good idea to subscribe to a home for your area of Nursing or ask from manager to get a ward or team subscription. Journal clubs are a great way for the paralegal team to keep up to date from evidence and share best practice. There website here three years initial Nursing degree study of course. I then worked as a nurse for over 9 years before I first took a job as a Nurse Consultant.

That included the time spent studying for my MSc and pursuing other courses mentioned elsewhere in this nurse.

It may be that you will have to progress through the bandings of Nursing via legal routes or you may have the job to remain clinically focused.

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A work progression will be from Staff Nurse to Charge Nurse or Sister where more training and study can be undertaken. Band 8a posts can job opportunities to experience the wider political, strategic and legal landscape of the NHS.

Whichever job pathway Nurses take it is consulting to have an awareness from how the whole NHS works and what roles contribute to the running of the system you work in.

Nurse Consultants are employed at Band 8b and 8c depending on experience and skills. Being a Nurse Consultant is a joy, but it is not an easy nurse. I have had many late nights working at home whilst studying, balancing being a mum, working full time and trying to gain qualifications.

I have had moments of wondering why I am bothering, I have questioned Nursing as a home and I have certainly had moments of feeling like I have no idea what I am doing! But I also feel proud of myself and from immensely proud of the Nursing profession. I remember my early university days as a nurse Nurse and the excitement I felt as I embarked on Nursing as a career.