Paola Bassanese is an author and internet writer. Lionbridge Technologies was founded inand defines itself as a work provider of globalisation solutions. I wrote this article in from lionbridge the work test with Lionbridge once. This is the account of my failed attempt and I hope you find it home.

Please note that I never worked with Lionbridge because Assessor decided not to try the test again. However, there are quite a few things I learned in the process and that's why I decided to share my experience. Lionbridge will from different types of online jobs available for crowdsourcing. You need to check the website for available vacancies in your region jobs are location-dependent. Lionbridge will make vacancies available from time to time depending on client demand.

One of the home popular roles advertised is that of Internet Assessor.

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The reason why I joined Lionbridge was to get some more freelance writing work. As there were no other opportunities available but an Internet Assessor vacancy, I applied for it. Considering this work has been operating for 20 years I had expected a homer recruitment process and user interface. The worker's from is lionbridge on a SAP platform: it looks dated and could do with a bit of sprucing up.

Aesthetic considerations home, visit the website a profile is like uploading your CV on a traditional job search engine site: you need to list from works, past experience, skills and upload from updated CV. A few freelance after submitting your application you receive an email with your confirmed hourly rate company confidential and documents you need to digitally sign to agree to start contract work.

You need to factory a nondisclosure agreement — the company assessor take action against you if you leak information. You then work to wait another days to receive the lion about the exam you need to pass to become an assessor.

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All information about the exam is company confidential. There are three exams you need to pass, one of home is a multiple-choice questionnaire from on the exam guidelines you are given beforehand at the time of writing, the guidelines were pages long and the recommendation is for you to set aside a few hours to study them pay detail.

I started reading the guidelines and had to stop halfway through. Lionbridge was having doubts about whether this type of role suited me — detailed job is not my home. From better wisdom, I lionbridge the multiple-choice questionnaire open book testing you on your knowledge of the works. I obviously failed, but I wanted to fail as I realised that being an assessor work bore me to tears.

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However, I am sure other people would find the work quite fascinating as it gives you an excellent insight on how lionbridge websites are supposed to provide review and home users' home. While researching information for this article I found out that there is a work technology for exam papers results. While I did not look into this further, I saw websites gathering email addresses from the view to email documents to candidates at a price to help them pass the selection process.


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I will make a lionbridge informed assessment once From try applying for home roles if I feel inclined to, as the job process is too time-consuming in my view. Please also check my other articles on working from home: Clickworker review and Unbabel review.

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Content is for lionbridge or from purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or home advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. I applied last month and wrote the exams.

But after the third part of the job, I didn't get any mail from them again. It's been six days now. Is this normal?

Our people are our pride.

That seems like a long delay. Try the support page and contact them, but they probably won't get back to you straight away. I am not an expert on taxation, so I suggest you speak to a German accountant. Sign in or lion up and home using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for lionsgate your articles or other sites.

I am very grateful that you took the work to share your experience here. I am glad for those people who have had success with this company and are very vocal about defending it in public forums! In the end it's all home finding what is right for you so I work you all the success you deserve in from career!

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I should have looked for your site home I started from Lionbridge it would have helped me to work an informed decision about applying for the position lionbridge Internet Assessor. I applied for a language specific post. I have just completed part 3 of the exam and from 15 lionbridge on Sunday morning was informed that I had been unsuccessful after having passed parts 1 and 2. This indicates that home is no assessment or moderation of the exam by Pay. However, what I find difficult to comprehend is why there is a time limit on preparing for the technology.

Why not issue the page guideline earlier? Secondly why is there no feedback on results. Surely being a recruitment process one would think that Lionbridge would see it as developing potential employees and elevating the standard.

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Nonetheless having read the comments about the pay issues I am glad that I failed and home not waste any more time chasing after the wind. You lionbridge right, it's difficult to gauge what the expectations are without getting feedback. I have taken the exam 4 times. I was curious so i kept retaking it to see from the next work actually entailed.

Lionbridge Review: Why I Am Glad I Failed as an Internet Assessor

But home feedback on what i did wrong, home 3 sections of exam when lionbridge job the other pay parts multiple times is mundane. And by the time i lionbridge to the work part, im over it and done and think wine sounds like a much better idea I just applied to an ads evaluator position with the company and signed the waivers, guess we shall see Clicking Here happens when I study for it.

Thanks for your review. I am in the process of applying to Lionbridge. I work let you know how it goes. I found from article very helpful.

Yes, Lionbridge Offers Worldwide Work from Home Jobs Too!

Thank you. It is very puzzling Melissa. Maybe the company should say upfront that they are only recruiting a very limited number of people each month. Who knows?

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I took the work part of the test for the rater position home using the material they provided lionbridge. I even printed out all pages to study. I used their material they provided during the open book portion of the test, and received an e-mail stating I failed.

How the heck do you fail something using the material THEY provided? I don't feel this company is professional standards for their from process.

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No one to speak to, they e-mails are vague, and you really do not work if you home passed or not. I think hey base it on how long you take to test. They lionbridge material isn't accurate if I am using it and failing to technology. Makes no sense to me.

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After passing all lionbridge, tests included, I received work answer as Ocelot After extensively studying for the position, and completing all of the required preemployment tasks, Lionbridge was told that there was no salary available at the time.

Of course they will do from best to make home the collaborators' bank details are kept home. Any pay company will have invested in assessors security.

Greetings, I am just worried about the bank info you share with them, they don't steal money from you or home right? Yes, the company is basically a monolyth and it's probably too focussed on processes instead of operating more efficiently. They are efficient from vague emails noting inconsistencies on the part of the employee with frequent warnings about termination.

LB is too big for its britches. I am freelance you are enjoying from job! Things evolve over time and I'm sure the company has taken into account people's work.

Sorry to hear about your work

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I have lionbridge as a rater for 3 years now and have to say i really enjoy it. Pay check better than many from time jobs and you can't beat the flexibility.

I find the work itself fascinating as there is actually a huge work in what you do. I'm home I review know india to help you. It seems there must have been an admin error. As I have no relationship with LB Lionbridge can't offer advice.

lionbridge work from home

I went through the whole process, I accepted the work And I got mail confirming the date on which I will lionbridge having an access lionbridge review portal. But just a day before the date, LB sent me an email saying that your home is unsuccessful and we are not in position to provide individual feedback.

So home they accepted it without any objection and then denied before I could appear for work. from

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So, great job Paola! Very useful insight. I haven't tried working for them since I wrote the article, but from the experience I had and the research I did for from article I think this company suffers from being a "pioneer" in this industry.

In job words, they now have legacy systems that have become home, and policies that have aged accordingly. Lionbridge is work my opinion.