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This work requires JavaScript to function properly. Please turn on JavaScript or get in touch with support. We love makers. Behind the materials there is history and memory, a home from of partnerships and krafta, a commitment, very often baixar as a vocation. In a world of great change and fast information, we wanted to stop to listen to the voices of those who work in the world of art, design and architecture.

We are fascinated to know where things come from, and documenting the traditions, we will open infinite possible worlds.

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Reinvigorating the past can create a debate to develop new sectors for the home or rediscover the forgotten ones, in a more conscious way. The prize amounts and the names of participants to the jury will be announced soon on the see. Students or from of students, enrolled in a University course or educational organisation krafta participate and their received works will be selected within the the work STUDENTS.

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Dates and information will be published on the official website of the festival www. There is not limit of number of submissions, but you need to feel one single form for each entry.

The applicant is responsible for any copyrighted materials included within the submitted films.

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The entry fee is non-refundable. To celebrate the Krafta of Architecture, Design and Innovation in Glasgow, we was interested in having a closer look on the artistic work, baixar traditions and the opportunities of the Scottish Creative Sector.

London is an exciting and experimental creative reality: the meeting of different cultures and a fast and competitive market contribute to create always new dynamics, that the world is watching and imitating.

Italy is rich from history and artistic tradition, much of home is disappearing.

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Storytelling is an excellent creative weapon to build a new future. Krafta Doc is an International Film Festival which supports creative experimentation and cultural diversity.

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School projects. Share on Social Networks. Prizes and qualifications 1. Rules A. Submissions deadline 30 Nov Save up 2.

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