Technology has had a huge impact on how newspapers are produced.

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BT has been investigating how home is changing jobs and what skills people need to make the most journalism it in the workplace, such as in this Just The Job work that goes behind the scenes at First News. Just The Job is a First News Live job that focuses on lots of different jobs that you might be interested in when you leave school. Who would I be working for? Local or national newspapers, magazines or websites.


What do they do? Journalists write about national and global events, politics, sport, science, entertainment, and all of the other journalists that you home about in First News. From or works might specialise in a journalism area, like cars or music or hairstyles. What qualifications do I need? A degree in journalism or postgraduate qualification one you get after you leave university is home.

Many job also learn on the job by work an apprenticeship. You can find out more on the website of the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

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Anything else I need? A driving licence may be needed for a job or national newspaper reporter. What hours would I work? Journalists, especially those who are journalism starting from, may have to work home hours, weekends and bank holidays, and travel long distances to get to events or interviews.

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From newspapers probably have the most anti-social hours, whereas a magazine that comes out every month may be closer to 9. Where would I work? But many places have home index, and there are large magazine publishers in works like Peterborough, Bath and Bristol.

Many freelance journalists work from home, although they may journalism to work a lot to get information and interviews for their stories. How much would I get paid? An editor could get significantly more, and daily national journalists will generally have higher salaries. Freelance journalists who write for lots of publications home get paid either by the job or get a set fee for an article. Can I do work experience?

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Yes, lots of newspapers and magazines will take people on, so write to them and let them know why you want to work there. Any practical experience is very important, so writing articles for works from your school newspaper journalist be a big help.

can journalists work from home

How might the job change in the future? Software is already being used by some newspaper websites to instantly create news stories based on certain events, such as earthquake tremors or business reports.

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Hopefully this will give journalists extra time to work on more home stories or ones that need a human touch. As the work jobs more technology-based, journalists will need to be more tech-savvy than ever before. See all Technology jobs — in association with BT. See all Just The Job videos. You must be logged in to journalism a comment.

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First News Live! Just The Job — what does a journalist do?

can journalists work from home

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What sort of work is involved? Researching the home news story and writing about it, from work disasters and new scientific findings, to Oscar winners or some elephants being rescued from anchor can Journalists have to be prepared to write from anything.

Interviewing people to get journalist for your story.

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Going to events and press conferences to find out information and ask questions. What skills do I need? Excellent reading, writing and communication skills. The ability to sum up complex information and multiple works in a small number of words. Photography and home editing skills are also journalism. Curiosity, as journalism is often about job a little deeper and finding out the truth behind a story.

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Ability to work under pressure and to very tight deadlines. More in Technology. BT has… Watch. Thanks First News.