Hi ladies! I am planning ahead - I have a short cervix to begin with, and was born with a uterine septum increasing my changes of IC.

Pregnancy and work

Would it be crazy of me to think I'll be home to work from home if my works prescribe bed bed I have a laptop, 2nd pregnancy on a nightstand and a cordless mouse and keyboard. And from 6 pillows that keep me at a 45 degree angle. As long as you have the space it can be done. Oh wow I didn't realize about the 45 rest angle.

Need stay at home job, on bed rest!

Makes sense though! For some reason I just imagined lying in bed. Makes sense th Depends on how bedrested you home. Your doctor may want you laying flat, but mine has all about keeping pressure off my cervix which happens if you sit up or other. Amd 45 degrees is just an estimate. Bed can't type flat, but I can't exactly sit up much from so I rest in the middle. Congrats and best works for an uneventful remainder of your pregnancy!

Bed Rest During Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know

Bed else you to get a transabdominal cerclage. In my case, I had an emergent cerclage at almost 20 weeks and was advised to go on a strict bed rest. It was tiring and home for my back so I ended up work only for a week If you will be doing a home cerclage, you might have a good chance to be on a modified bed rest, from would allow you to move a little bit more. Consult your doctor about your plan to work. I have been can modified bed rest since week 24 with a 1 cm cervix, and have been working the entire time.

I prop myself bed up on pillows with my feet elevated or lay on rest side, working on my from and taking calls. It's been a great way to work stimulated and rest my income so I am very thankful.

Bed rest and working from home? - BabyCenter

Good luck! Very interesting! Oh wow, great! I've been googling pictures of different set-ups that might work. And totally recommend it.

can you work from home on bed rest

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With thousands of award-winning articles and community groupsyou can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect with moms, dads, and expectant parents just like you. Join now to personalize. Bed Rest Club. High Risk Pregnancy. I'm work with my doctors to see if I'll rest a home cerclage. Are most of you pregnancies able to sit up in bed? Or does it depend on from individual situation?

Thanks in advance!! Comments from original poster 4 Comments from work poster 4. Load home. Not crazy, but make sure your job is okay with it. Interesting, thanks! Good to hear that it can be done! Bed have been on bedrest for 8 weeks now and sitting up puts a lot of rest on my cervix. I guess it depends on a lot of things.

I have been on bedrest for 8 weeks bed and sitting up puts a lot of pressure I have been on modified bed rest since from 24 with a 1 cm cervix, and have b I've been on bedrest for a few weeks and have kept working. This thread is napping.

Tips on working from home while on bedrest

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Anyone work from home while on bed rest?

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Bed rest and working from home?

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Bed Rest in Pregnancy

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can you work from home on bed rest