Paellas at your place by Antonio is focused on providing high-quality service. We will work with you ,and do all we can to meet your expectations. We are delighted to give you and your guests a memorable experience.


We have a variety of paellas to offer,prepared with authentic ingredients imported from Spain. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.


Antonio Portugal
Heading About

Alternative dish for your gatherings, weddings  or holiday reunions in New England .(All seasons) Paella is the signature dish of Spain. There are many variations depending on the region, however, the art of paella making remains the same.

Paellas at your place by Antonio will cater, prepare, the paella of your choice including the traditional Paella Valenciana on a open paella burner. All ingredients will be delicately chosen and purchased on the day of your event. You will be able to enjoy the company of your guests while you savor the essence of Spain in a New England setting.Paellas at your place by Antonio is a SERVSAFE and INSURED CO.


Dear Antonio
Thank you for your business, your Paella was SUPER!
Delicious,full of aroma and very fresh,above all the location by the sea was superb.
You made our family very happy customers.
Thank you

Manny Morais
Arlington , Ma.



“Delicious Food and Fine Wines For A Good Cause
Mar 31 11 08:46 AM

On Thursday, March 24, 2011, my friend Joan and I attended the 19th Annual Waltham Food & Wine Festival at the Westin Hotel in Waltham, MA. The event, which was organized byThe Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, showcased 20 restaurants within Waltham and the surrounding vicinity. Wines chosen by a connoisseur from Gordon’s Fine Wines & Liquors were also served.

The event was well attended and everyone enjoyed the scrumptious and attractive fare served by the following participants: Paellas at your Place by Antonio, Lizzy’s Homemade Ice Cream, Waltham High Culinary Arts, Bombay Mahal, Kitchen on Common, Firenze, Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant, The Chateau, Edible Arrangements, Glam Foods, The Grille at Hobbs Brook, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, More than Words, Popkins Ice Cream, Seventy@3rd – Westin, Solea, The Tea Leaf, The Upper Crust, and Wings Express.

That evening, I had the pleasure of savoring two very special dishes and three tasty desserts. As my friend and I entered the hall where the affair was being held, the inviting aroma of Chef Antonio M. Portugal’s paellas greeted us. The irresistible smell got us to turn right by the door and ask for our samples. Fresh mussels, clams, shrimps, chorizo and special herbs & spices over Bomba rice – an authentic Spanish delicacy!
Paellas at Your Place by Antonio is definitely at the top of the list of caterers to consider for my next home event.” (h ttp://www.1fastbite.com/blogs/10. April 1 2011)

Paellas at your place for my mothers birthday party was definitely a big hit. My guests not only loved your paellas,but truly enjoyed watching you cook.
I know i did! It really added that unique touch i was looking for to make my moms day extra special and unforgettable. You were a pleasure to have in my home, and look forward to having you again.
Kristine O’Rourke, North Reading ma.


Dear Antonio,
This testimonial is not from one but from all of us who had the great pleasure in sharing the experience of launching Paellas at Your Place. For many years you have worked hard in creating an intricate balance with much planning, care and attention to detail to create the fabulous work of art which your paella has certainly become.

The time spent in preparation for each paella is what allows for the spectacular finished product! You have truly mastered bringing forth a taste of Spain for all of us to enjoy! For those of you considering planning an event at your home, office or other venue Paellas at Your Place by Antonio comes highly recommended from a family of friends who have seen,tasted and are never disappointed with the outcome! When you are working with food and specialized recipes it is necessary to have a passion for the combinations and a desire to seek perfection…a friend once posted a tidbit I will always recall …Always do your best ,someone will like it ..The concept of Paellas at Your Place is to provide the freedom of entertaining with a memorable feast for the pallet…mission accomplished Antonio. The Taste of Winthrop 2010, offered a great opportunity to serve those who were familiar with the Spanish dish and those who were not. All were pleasantly surprised with the presentation, quality and service …Need i say more …Try it ,you will like it!


Daria Dell”Orfano
Sedurre/Boston’s North End

Hi Antonio
Thank you so much for making the paella at such short notice. My guests enjoyed it so much, that some of them had not two helpings, but three. I never had one before and I must say that I will definitely have you make one for my next dinner party since it was such a big hit. It was absolutely delicious and the presentation was mouthwatering. I give it the platinum plate. Thank you again….

Roberta Flahive
Revere , Ma


Thank you so much for creating such wonderfull paellas for my party yesterday…they were absolutely delicious and so beautiful to behold! And the bread basket was such a lovely surprise:) You are a terrific cook and i will be certainly be calling on you again,in the future! And i will look forward to see you at more Chamber and local functions, too.
Thank you again,
Pam Racicort , Winthrop Ma.


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