New England Paellas 2022 /Paella take-out

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New England Paellas 2021

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New England Paellas 2021

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New England Paellas 2020

Make Your Next Event Outstanding with Our Paella Catering

Are you ready to celebrate your next party or event? We are also ready to provide you and your guests delicious authentic Spanish Paellas. Our delicious Paellas are cooked right in front of you and your guests. Just imagine an ideal ambiance to entertain, all is set to amaze your guests, and a delicious Paella right in front of them.

All you need is to hire us and we will meet your paella catering expectations, specifications, and make your special event, electrifying and outstanding. And we will prepare mouthwatering paellas with fresh and traditional ingredients.

No matter if it is weddings, birthday parties, or any sort of social occasion throughout the region, you can hear the sound of “to go for paella”. This fervor for paella reaches its peak during festivals. We will help let the party continue as guests mix, mingle, and have delicious paella catering.

What is paella and why is so popular?

Paella is a rice-based dish that originated in Valencia which is usually made with chicken, rabbit, snails, and beans, and cooked over an open fire on a large paella pan .

Paella can be made with seafood or meat, they are cooked uncovered, with short-grain rice and broth. Although there are many differences depending on the region, the art of paella making remains the same. Most essentially, all ingredients will be precisely selected and purchased on the day of your event.

At Paellas at your place by Antonio, we ensure authentic paella catering that is made of the highest quality and freshest ingredients, including the seasonings and spices used in Spain. We cater, prepare, the paella of your choice including the traditional Paella Valenciana on an open paella burner. It can be a great option for any large party or private dinner.

Whether it is your backyard, reception hall, pool deck, beach, or any place, we will make your event amazing and memorable delivering the best paella catering services.

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New England Paellas 2020

The Best yet Affordable Paella Catering Services

Planning for your next event in New England? Well, food catering is one of the most vital parts of any get-together party. Paella is a widely popular dish for any special event, why don’t you try it?

Paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish originally from Valencia. It is one of the most popular dishes in Spanish cuisine. It is now well-known all around the world. Paella is a dish that can have meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables. When it comes to yellow color and the unique flavor of paella, it is based on the use of saffron.

If you are planning for a paella catering event, then you need professionals that can handle all your party paella catering needs .

No matter how big or small or what kind of event it is in New England, could be a wedding, birthday parties, or a corporate event, a professional Paella team can make it extra special. We have the best team of friendly and knowledgeable professional staff. And your paella will be prepared by the best team and especially, your guests will enjoy the site making a delicious Paella right in front of their eyes.

What should you expect from your paella catering service?

When it is all about delicious paella, it should be prepared by experienced paella makers and by the best paella catering service.

They should offer different paella variations such as Seafood and meat paella, Seafood paella, Mushroom paella, Meat Paella, Vegetarian Paella, Squid ink Paella, Shrimp Paella with appetizers, desserts etc.
They ought to be highly experienced so they deal with any unexpected challenges. And they have to be organized, timely and friendly. Excellent customer service has to be their top priority.

We ensure that your guests will rave about the aromas impressive presentation and flavor as we maintain the authenticity of traditional Spanish paella.

Paellas at your place by Antonio is focused on providing high-quality service. Book our paella catering services and we will never let you down.


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